Course info

** This is the course website for ECON 435, Fall 2016. It will be updated for Fall 2017 in September 2017.**

  • Instructor: Chris Muris
  • Office: WMC 3639
  • Office hours: Thursday labs, 9:30-11:20, will function as office hours.
  • Contact: talk to me before or after class, in the breaks. Do not email me.


Term paper information

We have five contact hours each week:

  • Tuesday: 2 hours of lecture
  • Thursday: 1 hour of lecture, 2 hours of lab
    • Weekly instructions for the lab can be found on the R page.
Dates for ECON 435, Fall 2016
Date Event
Oct 18 Midterm
Nov 17, 11:20 Deadline for paper approval
Nov 29 No lecture
Dec 1 Final
Dec 2, 12:30 Deadline paper

The course consists of two parts:

  • Part 1: Mathematical foundations and linear regression
  • Part 2: Advanced methods and applications

More details about weekly planning are below

Grading, tests and assignments

  • The second test is not cumulative.
  • For each test, you are allowed to bring one A4 written on one side as your personal cheat sheet.

There are regular hand-in assignments, and a replication/term paper. Hand-in assignments may consist of solutions to textbook questions, mathematical proofs, replications of research papers in economics using R and RMarkdown, among others.

  • For each hand-in assignment, I randomly choose one question to grade
  • The hand-in assignment with the lowest score will not be counted

Your grade is determined as follows:

  • Test 1 (25%)
  • Test 2 (25%)
  • Hand-in assignments (35%), scaled by a class participation factor
  • Replication (15%)


  • Attendance is required. If you cannot make it to one of the lectures or labs, notify me at least one day in advance
  • Participation is expected. I will apply participation-dependent scaling to the hand-in assignment grade. No reference letters will be provided for students that do not show active participation during the lectures (i.e. asking/answering questions)
  • Standard policies for plagiarism are in effect, see my BUEC333 syllabus


Readings are from Wooldridge’s “Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach”. Readings complement the material discussed in class: self-study is required. Detailed readings are indicated in the slides.

Week Topic Chapter Slides
1 Intro to proofs, sequences Ch.1 + App A pdf, Rmd
2 Probability theory App B pdf, Rmd
3 Statistics App C pdf, Rmd
4 Linear algebra App D pdf, Rmd
5 Linear algebra and OLS App E pdf, Rmd
6 OLS Ch. 1-5 pdf, Rmd
7 Test 1
8 Panel data Ch. 13 pdf, Rmd
9 Panel data Ch. 14
10 Panel data -
11 Instrumental variables Ch. 15+16 pdf, Rmd
12 Instrumental variables
13 Test 2 + Replication deadline N/A