I am an Associate Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics at Simon Fraser University. My research interests are in theoretical and applied econometrics, in particular in methods for panel data. I teach statistics and econometrics at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Working papers

Interval censored regression with fixed effects with Jason Abrevaya Updated: March, 2018. Submitted. data and code

Binarization for Panel Models with Fixed Effects with Irene Botosaru Updated: June, 2017. Submitted. cemmap Working Paper, CWP31/17

Expected utility and catastrophic risk in a stochastic economy-climate model with Masako Ikefuji, Roger Laeven and Jan Magnus Updated: January, 2017. R&R at the Journal of Econometrics.

Efficient GMM estimation with incomplete data slides Updated: July, 2016. R&R at the Review of Economics and Statistics.


Estimation in the fixed effects ordered logit model Review of Economics and Statistics, 99 (3), 465-477, 2017 slides, Stata code

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Model averaging in semiparametric estimation of treatment effects with Toru Kitagawa Journal of Econometrics, 193 (1), 271-289, 2016 slides, R code

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